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Crown Green Bowling Corporate/Team Building Events

Bring your team together for a memorable day at Tamworth Castle Bowls Club


Looking for a unique and enjoyable corporate or team-building event? Look no further than Crown Green Bowling Corporate/Team Building Events!


Our venue offers a refreshing and exciting experience that combines the charm of crown green bowling with opportunities for team bonding and friendly competition.

Why choose Crown Green Bowling?

1.Engaging Team Building: Crown green bowling is a fantastic team-building opportunity that encourages collaboration, communication, and strategy. Engage your employees in activities and friendly competition to foster teamwork and strengthen relationships, bridging departments and levels to connect in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.


2.Outdoor Venue: Beautiful Venue: Our venue boasts a well-maintained bowling green and garden set against the backdrop of Tamworth Castle. Enjoy the outdoor ambiance, soak up the fresh air, and enjoy the tranquil surroundings while engaging in this traditional British sport. Our club, dating back to 1814, once included Sir Robert Peel in its membership!


3.Expert Guidance: Our experienced members will guide your team through the rules and techniques of crown green bowling, ensuring everyone has a great time, regardless of their skill level. No prior experience is necessary!


4.Refreshments: Enjoy light snacks and a range of drinks from our bar, hot beverages are also available. Replenish your energy whilst socialising with your colleagues.


5.Friendly Competition: Encourage healthy competition among your team members regardless of age, (bowling is one of the few sports where an 18-year-old can play against a 70-year-old without any advantage of age or fitness) with our crown green bowling tournaments and challenges. Foster a spirit of camaraderie as teams compete for the coveted title of corporate crown green bowling champions!


6.Relaxation and Fun: Our corporate events are designed to provide a break from the daily routine and allow your team members to unwind and enjoy themselves. Laugh, relax, and build lasting memories while playing this addictive game.


Book Your Event Today!

The Package:

We offer half-day events for up to 24 people at a cost of £250 (to include light refreshments) Contact our event coordinator for any further information and secure your spot for a memorable Crown Green Bowling Corporate/Team Building Event.

We are committed to providing an enjoyable and beneficial experience for your team.


Phone: Steve on 07791 621160





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